1 day to go,Baahubali Kattappa’s secret, still waiting all india for this secret reveal


Before 2015, even S S Rajamouli became a household name across the country for giving Indian cinema really its biggest film franchise in the form of Baahubali, the rest of the country had already sampled some of his work without being fully aware of it.

Baahubali: The Beginning went on to catch the nation’s attention in a manner that no one would have expected. It helped that a name like Karan-Johar picked up the distribution for the Hindi dub of the film just before its release.

No matter what one thinks of him, that all-too-familiar Dharma logo at the start of a film means something to the audience.

The perfect set of circumstances combined with creative and marketing smarts formed the launchpad for Rajamouli’s vision to take off, and how. The ending of the first film promised that part 2 would arrive within a year. That promise wasn’t even close to being kept, with the second film taking a whole year longer than what was initially suggested.

Despite that, Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has managed to keep the audience intrigued and waiting; so much that it has become a pop-culture event like nothing else.

At this point, perhaps, one must also give due credit to the fact that very few things have stoked the curiosity of an entire nation as much as the reason behind Kattappa’s betrayal and subsequent murder of Amarendra Baahubali.


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